Composite Fillings in Artesia

Things You Need To Know About Composite Filling

Do you want a little more information on composite dental filling? Whenever someone is encountering issues with teeth, they must seek dental help as soon as possible. The longer someone waits, the more difficult it will be for the dentist to make any essential restorations. If you are looking for dental procedures that can help restore your teeth, then finding out more about dental bonding is a great place to start.

Most people will have to experience a tooth filling in their life, whether it is due to an accident, injury, poor oral care, or simply because of the age factor. Composite fillings are an alternative solution to traditional metal tooth fillings and one of the safest and most long-term treatments we provide at our dental office in Artesia.

5 Things To Know About Dental Fillings

1. Offers The Treatment To Enhance & Restore Your Smile

By filling in dental cavities, composite fillings can restore mildly decayed teeth. However, composite fillings are made up of a dental material called composite resin. Composite resin can be matched to the natural tooth shade and molded to blend well with the natural tooth structure. In short, once a dental filling is applied, it is unnoticeable. Because composite fillings blend smoothly with natural teeth.

2. No Metal

Not only are composite fillings made from a material that can blend in with the natural tooth structure, but this material also has no metal. It means composite fillings can safely be used on patients with metal allergies. Further, it means that the teeth will maintain their color and not become discolored due to the corrosion caused by metal fillings. The final advantage of being metal-free is that composite fillings need less tooth preparation and keep more of the natural tooth structure.

3. Long-Lasting

Even though composite dental fillings do not use metal, they are still considered durable. On average, a composite filling can last about a decade if maintained properly. Composite fillings also do not need any special care beyond a daily dental routine and avoid habits that are damaging to the teeth like chewing ice.

4. Easily Placed

Composite fillings are an easy procedure that can be concluded in just a single dental appointment. It is because they are known as direct restorations, suggesting they do not need a dental lab for restoration fabrication. It simply means that a composite filling is constructed entirely inside the patient’s mouth. When placing a composite filling, the dentist will first remove any degraded tissue and clean the affected site. Then, the tooth is shaped in preparation for the filling. The composite resin is then put in the filling. A curing light is used to solidify the composite after each layer is placed. It continues until the cavity has been filled, then the final coating is shaped and polished.

5. Versatile

Composite fillings are used to treat tooth decay, also, the composite resin material can be used for other restorative procedures as well. A dental composite is used to build up the natural tooth structure after placing a cavity to restore damaged teeth, replace worn enamel, and fill gaps between teeth.

Affordable Composite Filling In Artesia

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