Our patients now have a new payment option at our dental office with the introduction of CareCredit, a health-care line of credit issued in conjunction with BankOne.

If convenience, cashflow, affordable payments or the freedom to choose the best possible treatment option is important to you, consider using CareCredit.

Providing optimal health care to our patients is the goal of this practice, but sometimes ideal treatment can be difficult to afford. This is why we now provide CareCredit, an affordable payment program that allows you to begin treatment today. And with this program, you can finance 100% of the treatment and make affordable monthly payments over time. It is especially ideal for co-payments, deductibles, and treatments not covered by insurance.

With CareCredit, there is no down payment. There is even a plan that offers interest-free financing. And all plans offer flexible, low payments with a minimum required payment of only 3% of your balance each month.

Applying for CareCredit is simple and quick. There are no annual fees and you can use your card for future healthcare needs. Obtaining this line of credit is much easier than you might imagine. Assuming a good credit rating, your account can be opened in a matter of minutes by telephone or fax at our office. Plus, using CareCredit for healthcare costs leaves your other major credit cards available for non-healthcare purchases and emergencies.

Ask one of our front office managers about a CareCredit application or to begin optimal treatment now, scan the QR code here and qualify today!

You can also call 1-800-859-9975 to CareCredit directly and say that we referred you.

Care Credit Information

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